Roman curtains

A great way to cover windows and ensure privacy. They are available in different shades and are therefore suitable for any room.

What are Roman curtains?

Roman curtains are a simple fabric window covering that is guided by a cord or chain. These curtains are a classic, so they never go out of fashion and they are available in different styles, which allows everyone to find the most suitable for themselves.

What are the types of Roman curtains?

There are different types of Roman curtains. Those are:

  • flat package roman curtains – flat type roman curtains are made from one large piece of fabric. They have no folds when lowered and take up less space when folded. If you want a sleek look or with a pattern, but don’t want any folds, then flat Roman curtains will be just for you;
  • simple Roman curtains are very similar to flat, but there are visible seams every few centimeters. This type is better suited for bedrooms and living rooms, where they open more often, because they are durable One-tone simple Roman curtains can give the windows an accent, but if you choose them with a pattern, the seams can break the pattern;
  • soft Roman curtains – these curtains have fabric loops, and the seams are visible even when they are lowered or raised. The effect is a soft rustling or waterfall effect. This type is great if you want them to look more massive and impressive. They look great in large windows and give them accent. Because they use more material, they absorb light and heat better;
  • European Roman curtains – curtains bend when raised. It gives a softer, more relaxing look and is especially surprising with the use of luxurious fabrics. To achieve this effect, small seams are attached to the rope rings, creating less symmetrical folds. They must be fully open for the first few days after installation to create a look. These Roman curtains are more decorative and are not suitable for very frequent opening and closing

What are the benefits of Roman curtains?

Roman curtains have their advantages that distinguish them from other types of blinds. They are as follows:

  • classic style – this is one of the advantages of Roman curtains. They have been used for decades and have remained the same. By choosing different fabrics, it is possible to make them more modern or, on the contrary, very classic;
  • gives mood – Roman curtains give mood to windows that do not give roller blinds. By choosing different styles, they can be both feminine and masculine, thus adapting the style of the curtains to the desired mood of the room;
  • light, efficient and flexible – compared to other types of blinds, they offer much better temperature control. In winter, they can be opened as high as possible, while in summer they protect from excessive heat and protect the furniture from the sun.