We have made hundreds of individual orders! First we come to the door installation site, take measurements and recommend which door is best to install, then we approve the sketch developed by the designer. The door is then manufactured, delivered and installed.

As long as a person dreams, he lives. When a person has a home, he is calm. The door gives a person the opportunity for a quieter life – the inner space where he feels protected.

Why choose a metal door in Riga and order from us!



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We offer you excellent quality metal doors – made both in Latvia and abroad.

Our motto: steel doors – in every house!

  • High-quality metal doors are one of the most optimal solutions to security issues
  • Metal doors are an integral part of practically every modern room
  • Metal doors are simple and safe to operate, they have an affordable price, they guarantee safety and cleanliness in the premises where we live and work.

Every landlord wants their home to be safe. To achieve this, it is best to install an entrance iron door. Durable entrance door is a guarantee of home security and preservation of property. The undisputed leader among all the options available on the market is metal exterior doors . This combination of steel and style guarantees the protection of the house and shows the good taste of the owner.

Advantages of metal doors:

  • Durability. It is not possible to cut and knock it out.
  • Long service life. The steel plate retains its original appearance for decades.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage. Compared to the aluminum profile, steel is much more resistant to various mechanical damage.
  • Additional protection. Chains and linings give your door extra protection and security.
  • Good heat and sound insulation.
  • Many different finishing options.

Today, modern metal doors not only protect against illegal entry, but also became an important part of the interior. The latest iron door models have a special filling that prevents cold and noise from entering. Metal exterior doors k Quality is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a door for your home. Iron doors are distinguished by high strength and durability. Any door has hinges, locks, latches, door eyelets and handles.

Our consultants will be happy to help you make the right choice!


How to choose a metal door?

When buying an iron door, you need to pay attention to several parameters:

  • Internal frame type. Many experts recommend to prefer structures made of bent pipe with overlaps in different planes.
  • Sheet thickness. There is no single standard here that would allow you to choose a quality door. If it is important to you against intrusion function , thick leaves should be preferred. If this parameter is not important to you, then thin pages can be used. The inner iron sheet may not be as thick as it is used only as a decorative layer.
  • Locks and hinges. There are many options in this category. Very simple constructions are equipped with simple plug-in models that are very easy to break. If you plan to increase security, consider using several types of locks. Particular attention should be paid to the loops, which must be hidden. Systems with external hinges are very easy to remove, which is not a safe solution for exterior doors.
  • Design. Design is an individual matter and it depends on each particular buyer. Today’s market offers both one-piece door leaves and apartment door leaves with a mirror.

In most cases, standard rectangular iron doors are installed in city apartments. Therefore, such boxes were originally designed for future homes.

Criteria for choosing a secure door:

  • Elevated durability against intrusion . Metal doors With durable protect system that will protect against intrusion . The door should be equipped with several different types of opening locks. It is not worth saving on this thing, because the door will protect the only entrance – the parade door – in the room.
  • Fire resistance. The door filling must be made of either polyurethane foam or mineral wool. Unfortunately, other fillers are flammable .
  • Sound and heat insulation. Filling together with seals helps prevent noise from entering the room and retains heat.
  • House. If you are in a mansion, you should pay attention to the double door. They are not only a safe protection against thieves, but also hide the door box from the inside.

Types of materials

Exterior doors will not only protect you from uninvited guests, but will also perform other very important functions, which in turn will guarantee peace, quiet and comfort to the residents of the house. In addition, the door is an integral part of the interior, according to which you can judge the hosts from the outside. That’s why door materials play a big role, whether they’re visible or not. Conditionally, a door consists of four parts, each of which is responsible for a practical or aesthetic function: the door frame, the interior filling, the interior decoration and the exterior decoration.


NINZ steel doors (Italy)

Metal doors NINZ is a recognized leader in the Italian construction market, and NINZ products are successfully exported to many European countries. Fireproof and technical NINZ doors are designed for both residential and public and industrial interiors. These doors comply with the new European quality standard UNI 9723.

NINZ SpA’s high degree of production automation allows the use of the latest technologies and materials. Special attention is paid to the quality of the NINZ door coating: all components of the door block are galvanically treated and then painted with powder paint. This process is completed by thermal drying. This approach ensures the durability of the cover and as a result the door is not scratched and looks great even after long use.

NINZ metal doors can have both single and double leaves. They are 40, 50 or 60 mm thick. NINZ technical doors have a very wide range of applications and include many types of buildings: commercial, industrial and public. Quite often technical metal doors NINZ are used in one building together with fireproof doors, which allows to maintain the integrity of the interior. In addition, it is also possible to apply NDD decor technology to these doors.

NINZ fire doors (Italy)

NINZ S. p. A. is Italy ‘s leading manufacturer of fire doors, with a market share of 70%. Consolidated experience in the industry, knowledge of standards, as well as optimal quality and price ratios are the most distinctive features of this company. Over the years, NINZ has expanded its product range to include multifunctional metal doors and a wide range of accessories.

Fire doors have high security and meet all safety and environmental protection requirements. Fire door NINZ complies with the European standard UNI9723. Easy door transportation is ensured thanks to the detachable frame and convenient packaging. The fire resistance of the door is 60 minutes, with this time it is enough to evacuate people even from a very large area.

The NINZ plate of the fire door consists of two galvanized steel sheets with insulation material between them. The thickness of the plate is 60 mm. In addition to fire safety, the board provides sound insulation up to 29.5 dB. The door frame has a galvanized steel profile.

The door is equipped with two types of seals – rubber (against cold smoke) and thermal seals (against heat). Their scope is very wide and includes shopping malls, manufacturing companies, railway stations, airports, administrative buildings, offices, hotels, as well as residential, sports and entertainment complexes.

It is important to note the important fact that metal doors have undergone a major breakthrough in recent years. In addition to the constant development of technology, specialists began to pay special attention to the interior. Thanks to this, today, iron doors became an integral part of the interior.



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How is everything going?

  • We drive to the object and take measurements
  • Depending on your circumstances, we recommend the best finishing option for your door
  • We approve the sketch prepared by the designers
  • The door is shipped to production
  • Door delivery and installation

A person lives as long as he has a dream. When a person has his own home, he is calm. The door opens a person’s access to a peaceful and secure life – opens the inner space where he feels safe.

Why is a metal door better to choose and order from us?

Economic benefits

Buying a metal door directly from the manufacturer – means buying the product first hand with the best price guarantee and avoiding unnecessary expenses, such as paying for the services of intermediaries. You will also save your time as you will not have to look for the best option among the many offers on the market.

Safety and quality

We use only very high quality materials and modern equipment. Our extensive experience allows us to produce inexpensive models that meet all applicable standards and safety regulations.

Complex service

Order a door from us with delivery and door installation You will receive as a GIFT!

Long-term warranty

By independently performing all work and controlling each stage of production, our specialists guarantee quality door installation and provide warranty service. Warranty for metal doors – 5 years, locks and fittings – from 1 to 5 years.

Rich range

The talented designers of our company will help you choose a door according to your requirements and wishes. The choice of doors is really large – dozens of stylish production solutions, from economy class doors to exclusive doors. The variety of finishes will allow you to choose a door design that perfectly suits your requirements and tastes.

Individual approach

Do you have special requirements for the appearance and quality of the door? Even if you have not found the desired model in the catalog, we will make a metal door according to a sketch specially prepared for you!

Metal entrance door – this is the safest and most effective solution!

Choosing an entrance door is a very responsible process, because the security of your house or apartment depends on the construction of the door. The entrance door not only protects the home from intruders, but also prevents the ingress of external noise and cold air masses. Entrance doors must meet all safety and comfort criteria when opening and closing. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the steel door, there are many interior and exterior finishing options.

How to choose an entrance metal door?

When choosing a metal door, you must pay special attention to the following conditions:

  • Door installation location. The choice of insulation material and external door cladding depends on where the door will be installed – on the street, in a private house or at the entrance to the apartment.
  • Your requirements. For example, a metal door must have high thermal and sound insulation properties, be fireproof, have a large width, etc.
  • Door security level. This criterion includes the following characteristics: thickness, metal used to manufacture the door, frame construction, number of metal layers in the door canvas, number and design of locks and hinges, availability of a panoramic door window.
  • Insulation material. Metal doors are insulated with mineral wool, foam, polyurethane foam or cardboard.
  • Number of seals. Seals can be installed in one, two or even three rows.
  • Door weight. A quality product must be made of high quality and thick metal sheet.

The door must have a quality certificate or passport in which all its features are recorded.

I aisle metal door ju k onstrukcija

· Door hinges. Metal doors can be fitted with external hinges attached from the outside,

and concealed hinges mounted inside the frame.

  • Door locks. Professionals recommend choosing an entrance metal door with two locks,

which have a different design – control and cylinder. Such a system of protection is very difficult to break with a conventional tool. It is by no means worth saving on locks – they must be of good quality and with a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Seals. Seals prevent unwanted odors, sounds, cold air from entering

space and encourages quieter door closing. Seals can be made of rubber, silicone, polyurethane, foam rubber or plastic. The entrance door of the apartment with one sealing strip is enough, while the door of a private house, the exit is directly to the street, there must be at least two seals. Gaskets for metal doors with fire protection. When making such a door, together with the seals, a thermoactive tape is glued, which has heat and sound insulation properties.

  • Door sil rollers . The following materials are used for insulation: expanded polystyrene (foam)

polyurethane foam or assembly foam, basalt mineral wool and sound – absorbing materials.

Private house entrance door

Exterior metal doors in a private house at the same time protect the house from unauthorized entry and decorate it, because they are constantly in sight.

When choosing an entrance metal door for a private house, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Abrasion resistance and resistance to mechanical damage . Entrance door constructions must have an anti-vandal coating. This is especially true if there are animals in the home that can scratch and damage the door lining.
  • Heat and sound insulation. A metal exterior door is a kind of barrier that separates your house from the street. That is why the construction must include a double-circuit seal and a thick thermal insulation material.
  • Appearance. Street metal doors are always visible, so they should fit into the general architectural style of buildings. There are a lot of finishing options, it is always possible to choose a suitable option that will fit perfectly in the interior and exterior design of the home.
  • Fire safety. Street metal doors must definitely be practical and with a high level of security.
  • Durability against mechanical burglary . Metal exterior doors must promote the safety of the occupants of the house and the preservation of the entire property, so they must be very high durability against intrusion . There are three classes of metal door strength:
    • Class I: This is a budget option that is completely unsuitable for street installation. Such doors can be easily opened with hand tools.
    • Class II: this is the most popular option, which is distinguished by high reliability and affordable price.
    • Class III – these are the safest doors, which are made of thick steel sheet. Such doors have additional insulation and are an ideal solution for installation from the street side. To break such a safe structure, robbers will have to work hard. Unlocking such a door usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, and thieves simply won’t have enough time.

Apartment entrance door

One way to protect your apartment is to install a metal door. Swing metal doors for installation as an entrance door to the apartment are considered to be the best option, as it is a safe solution. This design prevents knocking out the door and saves space in the hallway at the exit and entrance to the room.