“ADG Serviss” produces and installs window and door structures for different price levels and standard concepts.

The company “ADG SERVISS” designs, manufactures and installs PVC, aluminum, wooden glazed constructions, such as windows, doors, partitions, glass suspended facades. The company was founded in 2006 and during this time many projects with different degrees of complexity have been implemented both in Latvia and abroad. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of work experience, which we use every day to implement new projects.

The company “ADG SERVISS” attaches great importance to customer service – both private customers and construction companies, starting with high-quality order processing, manufacturing and ending with professional installation on site.

In 12 years of work, we have improved the range of various services provided and continue to develop, following market trends and customer expectations.

We will be happy to help you in the implementation of your projects related to glazed structures, we will help you find the best solutions for their implementation.

The company “ADG SERVISS” is ready to offer you the production of high quality windows and doors in its factory, observing all technological norms and requirements.

The history of windows and doors is very interesting – there were no such openings in the old houses, because they were simply not needed. To save heat or protect from heat, in ancient times, homes had only small doors. According to archaeologists, the windows appeared about eight thousand years ago, although at that time they were not at all similar to today’s windows. It is only with the advent of the famous Pompeii termini, whose frame size reached one meter in height and width, that the windows approached our usual shape.

In Europe, large windows appeared only in the Renaissance period – they were in the famous stained glass churches. Venetian glass production has become popular, and original and strange-shaped windows have appeared. The first plastic double-glazed windows appeared more than fifty years ago. Plastic windows are practical, light, comfortable and simple to operate. They have properties such as thermal insulation, high resistance to fungus and rot, sound insulation and long service life. Modern plastic, aluminum and wooden window constructions are constantly being improved and continue to develop: manufacturing materials are changing and the quality of products is increasing. Modern technologies provide comfort and do not pose a threat to human health.

Our company “ADG SERVISS” was founded in 2006. per year. Since then, thanks to modern equipment and high qualification of our specialists, we have managed to achieve the high quality of our products. During our operation, several projects of various degrees of difficulty were implemented both in Latvia and abroad. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, which we use every day to implement new projects.


  • PVC windows. There are many types of these constructions. Plastic windows can vary in shape, number of sash, dimensions, types of opening and closing, types of double-glazed windows and other parameters. The following materials are used in the production of plastic windows: polyvinyl chloride, metal for the frame and glass. Wood or aluminum is most often used in the production of the frame. In addition to the material from which they are made, frames also differ in shape and color, but window constructions in terms of the way they are opened: swinging, folding, sliding constructions and blind windows. Depending on the number of sash, the windows can have 1,2,3-sash.
  • Aluminum windows. They are very safe constructions with a long service life. The main advantages of aluminum windows: high durability, ecological, long service life, safety and resistance to wear, resistance to the external environment, light weight, diverse design, plasticity and various configurations. These products differ in ease, so they do not cause strong pressure on the wall. Aluminum windows have a high fire safety – aluminum is not subject to combustion and does not promote the spread of flame. Aluminum fireproof structures are considered to be the best variant of the window system, as they do not emit harmful substances as a result of exposure to high temperatures and do not promote the spread of fire.
  • Wooden windows. Due to their noble appearance and naturalness, wooden windows are very popular. In addition, they will serve you for many years! Wooden windows boast the best air permeability, ecological, warm and pleasant surface and the fact that they attract less dust. The properties of wooden windows depend on the type of wood. This is one of the most important parameters of the frame. The most commonly used varieties are pine, oak and larch. Wooden windows always have a luxurious and expensive look. In addition to the standard, several interesting solutions in the field of window design can be used. Wooden windows are a great choice for any room, because they combine great appearance, practicality, wide functionality and durability.
  • Glazed constructions. Loggia glazing in modern apartments solves several problems: increases security and protects from rain and snow.
  • Sliding doors. By replacing the usual glazed doors with sliding ones, more light from the street enters the premises and the room becomes more spacious. Balcony sliding doors will protect the room from the ingress of dust, dirt and bad odors, but also from unwanted weather conditions: wind, cold and heat.
  • Metal doors. All metal doors are made of high-strength stainless material. The most important features that should be taken into account when choosing a metal door are: security (how long a metal door can withstand burglary), comfort, excellent sound insulation, fire protection, safety, service life, ease of use, damage protection and aesthetics (the door should match the overall interior). There is a significant price difference between the entrance metal door classes. By approaching the choice wisely and competently, you can buy safe and reliable metal doors even for a small amount of money.
  • Aluminum doors. This type of door construction is very popular and in demand due to its versatility and safety, which allows the use of aluminum doors in all types of residential and public spaces. The advantages of aluminum doors are:
  • Aluminum resistance to external mechanical impact, temperature fluctuations and high humidity, which allows the installation of aluminum structures as both interior doors and entrance doors.
  • Aluminum doors have a very low weight, which means less load on the loops, fittings and construction mechanisms. This allows the product life to be extended to 50 years.
  • Aluminum doors can be installed in any climatic zone: they can be used in a wide range of temperatures – from 80 degrees below zero to plus 100 degrees above zero. The door leaf is not subject to deformation and retains its shape and integrity throughout its service life, which is designed for 100 thousand opening and closing cycles.
  • Aluminum is an environmentally safe non-radioactive material that is free of harmful impurities and heavy metal particles. Aluminum doors are absolutely safe and hygienic.
  • Aluminum doors are easy to care for. They tolerate treatment by any means, household chemicals, and do not require special expensive maintenance and repair.
  • Aluminum doors can be easily painted in the desired color.
  • Aluminum structures can be equipped with any opening mechanism, which significantly expands their scope and makes operation safe and convenient.
  • The door has high noise and heat insulation properties, which allows it to be used in gyms, music schools and other similar institutions where increased sound insulation is required.
  • Thanks to all these advantages, aluminum doors are successfully used in swimming pools, saunas, sports complexes, educational and health care institutions, offices and shopping malls, stations and airports, apartments and private houses.

The company “ADG SERVISS” attaches great importance to the quality service of customers – both individuals and construction companies. We are constantly improving the quality of our services, from high-quality order processing to professional on-site assembly.
During 14 years of work, we have improved the range of various services provided and continue to develop, following the latest market trends and the wishes of our customers. We will be happy to help you implement your project and will always help you find the best solution.




  • Gealan 8000 6-chamber profile + 15 EUR

  • Premium handles + 20 EUR

  • Additional sash + 40 EUR

  • Column decoration + 55 EUR

  • Removal of old windows + 15 for construction

  • Package of 3 glasses + 50 EUR